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Know before you go for free - "House Hunting tool" for First Time Buyers a"Must have" Free prequal customized How much home you qualify for- Get your own home now!

   As a direct marketer our PreQual Free means that our prequal works, in all 50 states, here for your needs. Looking for morgauge morgage mortgage calculator we can help.

 This basic, FREE prequal , is to meet your immediate needs.

  • Follow the simple list instructions - then look for your FREE prequal showing exactly how much home you qualify for - E-mailed to you - it's that easy! 

  Your FREE Prequal is just a few short steps away.

1) bookmark this page

 2) Print this page Click Here  (page1only)
 3) Gather up the following documents:

a) current paystubs (30 days worth) for all applying people.

b) (W-2's for 2 latest years) for all applying people.

c) current bank statements (all pages) for 90 days.

d) fill out our simple free no obligation application CLICK HERE

e ) Copy of 2 forms of I.D. one with picture.

 f) FAX all items to 1-866-875-6273

Just follow the list- and you will be on your way to your new home quicker than you can say:

Relax - we've got you covered!

A few clicks and your done!

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  Below are items that might be of interest to help you -

Annual free report at: AnnualCreditReport.com

Get your FREE credit score at one of the free sites listed here:

Note: get a report that gives your FICO numbers

 Get Equifax Score Power 

  f  ) additional FREE reports: How to buy a house.

 What next, Q & A.

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 Get a prequal for your mortgage, free! We are a direct marketer and we can prequal  you today. You do not need to visit a bank or wait for some bank representative to get back to you sometime when their schedule is open for your free prequal , it is here NOW from your computer. This is your absolutely free prequal which will arrive at your email account.

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We have made this prequal offer designed in particular for when you go house hunting. You need to do this first so you will be able to take control, be in the drivers seat. Remember, don't be disappointed when you go out looking. Be advised that most real estate agents do not want to waste time with someone who can't afford the homes they are looking for.
Here at Financial Services of America, we have vast resources to direct you to grants and community programs which are available though our own sources. We have a standard membership which is always free, and a premium membership which everyone has a 7 day free trail, which you can cancel at anytime.

Click here to see the benefits of both standard & premium membership.

We are in all 50 states, so our prequal is valid in all 50 states, and backed by our bank  who does business in all 50 states. Remember, as a direct marketer, we can help you wherever you want to purchase or refinance your home.

Remember to feel free to ask us anything finance related, we are here to help you get the best financing available. Important to know is you shouldn't think you have a question that you think is dumb, the only dumb person is the one that doesn't ask, and then gets in trouble. By all means, please ASK AWAY!


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